January 16, 2020

Attention Men:

The American Literacy Corporation (ALC) announces The 500 Men Reading Week and Career Exploration with Ron Claiborne formally of ABC Good Morning America.

The program will be held March 9 through March 14 in school districts and libraries in Central PA. The purpose of the 500 Men Reading Week and Career Exploration is to provide an opportunity for men to read to elementary students. Ron Claiborne will participate on Wednesday, March 11th in the Harrisburg School District. Please join us by registering today.

In 2019, over 500 men participated. The program continues to draw men from diverse backgrounds. The majority of the men participate year after year while inviting others to participate. The program has become an effective way for men, in the school and library setting, to encourage children to read and be positive role models.

The 500 Men Reading Week and Career Exploration is a program of The ALC which is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The mission of the ALC is to partner with community-based organizations, and other institutions with programs targeting educational enhancement and development for elementary-aged students.

Thank you for investing in our children and community. If you have any questions, please contact Jamar Johnson at thejjohnsonproject01@gmail.com / (717) 307-0991 or me at (717) 580-5429, superreaders@aol.com.


Floyd Stokes
Executive Director, ALC


Quote from Ron Claiborne of ABC Good Morning America:

"It was luck or fate that connected me to Floyd and his wonderful project. I am honored to play a small part in a very big event. In a world in which young people -- and many not-so-young -- are distracted and mesmerized by video, TV, smartphones and a relentless hypnotizing kaleidoscope of dazzling imagery, it is more important than ever that young people are grounded in the basics. Reading skills are basic. Reading is the key that unlocks the door to learning, that opens and nurture the imagination. And it's fun! Anything we can do to instill the habit of reading and a love for reading is a vital public service; it is an investment in the success of our children. We owe 500 Men Reading a huge debt of gratitude for what it does."