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Fredricksen Public Library

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Saturday, March 2nd

2:00 to 4:00 PM

Men from our community will share the joy of reading at this library program.
Children and families are invited to a special 500 Men Reading event featuring gift bag to the first 25 children, free book for all children, mini storytimes and crafts and refreshments.

Men, please register to read during this evening. We need about 12 men for this program. Don’t assume others will sign-up. Register today! Thank you!

The 500 Men Reading Week Information Sheet

Background information for The 500 Men Reading Week.
Please fill this form out by February 20.

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The 500 Men Reading Week is a program of the American Literacy Corporation (ALC) which is a non-profit organization that promotes reading to students.

Thank you for your service,

Floyd Stokes
Executive Director